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Protech VOC Flex

Protech VOC Flex


Protech VOC Flex complies with CIRIA C748 and BS 8485:2015 +A1 2019. It is a high performance 6 layer flexible proprietary reinforced VOC gas barrier and is suitable for use on brownfield sites that required protection from dangerous contaminants such as hydrocarbons. Protech VOC Flex has been developed to ease installation on site due to the flexibility of the membrane. It is also suitable as a high performance damp proof membrane.

Key Features

  • BBA Certified 20/5723
  • Exceptional chemical resistance
  • Gas resistant
  • Additional damp proofing protection
  • Flexible membrane to ease installation on site
  • Robust & durable multi-layer membrane
  • High Resistance to puncturing


  • Protech VOC Starter Band
  • Protech VOC Tophats
  • Protech GM Flashing
  • Protech VOC Corner Units
  • Protech GM Primer
  • Protech GM 3mm Protection Board
  • Protech GM Protection Fleece
  • Protech GM Tape
  • Protech Liquid Applied Gas Membrane (LAGM)

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