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GPS Radon

GPS Radon

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GPS Radon Barrier

Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas formed by the breakdown of uranium and radium. GPS Radon Barrier/Membrane is a monolithic, high quality, LDPE blown film membrane with high puncture and tear resistance. The product is used as part of a full radon gas protection system which meets current legislation (BR211). The membrane is also suitable for use as a damp proof membrane. GPS Radon Barrier/Membrane prevents the transmission of harmful gases. Due to the nature of its construction, the membrane overcomes problems associated with membranes manufactured from post-consumer recycled waste.

System components –

  • GPS Gas & Lap Tape
  • GPS GRM Self Adhesive Gas Barrier
  • GPS Geo-Vent + venting components
  • GPS Liquid Vapour Membrane
  • GPS Top Hat Pipe Cloaks
  • GPS GR DPC. (Gas resistant DPC)
  • GPS Radon Sump
  • GPS Pre-Formed Cloaks. Internal / external corners. Door threshold cloaks. Party Wall Tray