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Toxic, asphyxiating and explosive ground gases can enter a building and other structures on and below the ground. They variously pose potential risk to occupants and users and to the structures themselves.

LM Products specialise in the distribution of gas membranes. Pivotal to this section of the business is our relationship with Sigma 360. 

Sigma GPS Ground Gas Protection membranes and accessories comply with the latest codes of practice including NHBC Traffic  Light  System for domestic dwellings or BS8485:2015 for commercial projects.
LM Products can provide technical guidance to ensure that their customers receive the most cost effective solution whilst complying with current guidelines.

SIGMA GPS Product Size Compliant
SIGMA GPS Radon Barrier 4m x 20m BRE211
SIGMA GPS 2000 4m x 12.5m NHBC Amber 1
SIGMA GPS Universal Gas Barrier 4m x 20m NHBC Amber 1
SIGMA GPS Total Gas Barrier 2m x 50m BS8485:2015 / Amber 2
Sigma GPS Defender VOC Barrier 1.45m x 50m BS8485:2015 / Amber 2
SIGMA GPS GRM - Self Adhesive 1m x 20m BS8485:2015 / Amber 2
SIGMA GPS Liquid Gas Barrier 5ltr BS8485:2015 / Amber 2
SIGMA GPS Gas Jointing Tape 30m / 50m NHBC Amber 1
SIGMA GPS Cloaks    


All products are available from stock for immediate delivery. Our technical support team ensure that you get the correct system which can be tailored to suit the gas characteristic situation on site. SIGMA GPS Gas Protection Systems are used on commercial and residential sites nationwide.

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