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Protech Provoid 25 & 40

Protech Provoid 25 & 40

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Provoid is a thick single-sided geocomposite that provides a void beneath floor slabs which, when connected to air inlets and outlets, allows sufficient air changes to dilute gases to safe concentrations when designed correctly. Provoid can be laid in strips at predetermined centers or in a full blanket depending on site requirements. Being a shallow product means there is a reduced dig when compared to the alternative of 200 to 300mm of clean stone. If Provoid is laid in strips it must be bedded in 200mm of clean stone to achieve a good venting performance in compliance with BS 8485:2015. Provoid is also extremely strong and flexible and can be supplied in rolls of up to 45m2, therefore large areas can be covered very quickly. Provoid is flexible a can be laid horizontally and vertically to deal with awkward foundation arrangements. Because of its flexibility, it will cope easily with settlement under the slab without compromising the system.


  • Ground Level Gully Vent Box
  • Provoid Connector T Piece
  • Provoid (Geotextile side down)

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