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Frost Blankets

Frost Blankets

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Frost Blankets

Frost Blankets provide protection for newly laid concrete in wintry conditions and protects from high temperatures in summer.

Manufactured from closed cell expanded polyethylene foam, which has extremely low thermal conductivity (0.034 W/M/K) making it ideal to provide thermal installation.

Due to the closed cell structure of frost blankets, the water absorption is very low—only 2% (by volume) after 24 hours total immersion in water. An additional advantage is that thermal insulation is retained even in wet conditions.

Can be used over a wide temperature range, normally –100 to + 80 degrees

Highly resistant to abrasion and tearing, frost blankets can be reused many times.
They are low in weight and easily cut on site for awkward shapes and structures. For slabs they can be quickly and easily rolled out.

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