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GPS 2000

GPS 2000

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GPS 2000

GPS 2000 is a low permeability, highly robust, monolithic thermoplastic LDPE membrane for use as a radon, carbon dioxide and methane barrier for NHBC AMBER 1 situations. GPS 2000 prevents the transmission of harmful gases. Due to the nature of its construction, the membrane overcomes problems associated with membranes manufactured from post-consumer recycled waste. GPS 2000 also acts as a damp proof membrane and can be heat welded. GPS 2000 fully complies with the recommendations of the Building Research Establishment Document: 414 and with the requirements of NHBC guidance on methane and carbon dioxide report issue 20 for Amber 1 sites.

Advantages –

  • Suitable for use on sites contaminated with higher concentrations of Radon
  • 4 metre wide centre fold membrane
  • Premium DPM/vapour barrier
  • Extremely tough with excellent resistance to tear and puncture
  • Compatible with vented systems
  • Conforms to the requirements of BR211

System components –

  • GPS Gas & Lap Tape
  • GPS GRM Self Adhesive Gas Barrier
  • GPS Geo-Vent + venting components
  • GPS Liquid Vapour Membrane
  • GPS Top Hat Pipe Cloaks
  • GPS GR DPC. (Gas resistant DPC)
  • GPS Radon Sump
  • GPS Pre-Formed Cloaks. Internal / external corners. Door threshold cloaks. Party Wall Tray