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Bespoke Fabrications
Bespoke Fabrications

L.M. Products supply special fabrications to customer designs regardless of shape, size or quantity to various industry sectors including engineering, construction and civil engineering.
All material grades and steel types are available to suit your project needs including UC/UB beams, parallel flange channels, angles, steel plates, sheet steel, tube, solid bar and stainless steel.
Fabrications are subjected to quality control inspections throughout manufacturing processes including assessment of structural welding.
Materials utilised have full traceability with M.T.C.'s reviewed and approved prior to manufacture, third party testing is also undertaken dependent upon material or customer requirements.
Weld processes utilised are metal inert gas, tungsten inert gas and manual metal arc, we are also able to provide plasma and gas cutting as required.
All material finish types can be supplied from wet spray paint finish in any colour, zinc plated, galvanised or oxide paint.