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The Vista Windpost and Parapet post range provides support to masonry panels subject to higher lateral loads without the need for extra columns or an increase in wall thickness.


VEW1 Windposts are positioned so that the longer leg is built into the inner leaf, with the return leg sitting in the cavity – a very strong arrangement for heavily loaded walls.


VEW2 Windposts sit in the cavity of the wall itself and are anchored at the head and base, VEW2 Windposts are generally used for lighter load conditions that the VEW1 type posts.


VEW1&2 Parapet Posts, a range of shorter length posts for use in applications such as car park top level walling, with larger base fixings to resist the increased bending moment brought on by the lack of head fixing.


VEW3 Spine Posts, are flat section posts designed to site within the width of a ‘fair-faced’ finish to both sides. They are anchored in the same way as VEW1 and VEW2 posts.