Geotechnical Products


Gridforce offers a unique and revolutionary paver system which provides permeable ground reinforcement solutions across a wide range of applications.

The Gridforce range possesses an unequalled combination of highly engineered design, a choice of 5 paver options and manufactured in low density polyethylene. LDPE not only produces high compressive strength but also gives the pavers a flexibility and resilience which enables the system to satisfy all client requirements from footpaths to car parks, emergency fire access routes and HGV overrun. It also offers significant advantages over pavers manufactured from high density  polyethylene (HDPE) which are more susceptible, over time, to brittleness and fractures at low temperatures. This gives the ability to offer a 10 year product guarantee.

Gridforce is normally laid on a free draining stone base, eliminating the requirement for drainage pipework and returning storm water to the water table, thereby relieving pressure on sewers. 

Advantages of Gridforce:

  • 10 year product guarantee.
  • Manufactured from LDPE which, coupled with unique deisgn and robut interlocking lugs and slots, enables Gridforce to cope with HGVs and other industrial traffic.
  • Drains to water table, relieving¬†pressure on sewer systems.
  • Complies with sustainable drainage best practice.
  • Manufactured from 100% recycled plastic.
  • Eliminates drainage pipework.
  • 5 paver options to cover all ground reinforcement applications.
  • Cells can be filled with stone or soil and seeded to achieve a grassed finish.
  • Lightweight and easy to handle.
  • Free design advice and site/customer visits can be arranged.

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