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LMP Pro-plates are designed to act as a support to upper brickwork prior to the removal of lower brickwork when breaking through a supporting wall.
Due to its design, strength and workmanship the LMP Pro-plate can easily cope with supporting the brickwork on single brick and double skin cavity walls and with the machined front edge the LMP Pro-plate can be located in position with the minimum of effort making the LMP Pro-plate the one to use.

Due to the nature of the product and the application it is important that the strength and durability is never in question.

LMP are the only UK manufacturer of CE marked Pro-plates which gives you total confidence that it will be fit to cope with the job in hand.
As LMP are accredited to EN1090, materials used to produce the Pro-plate must be locally sourced, fully certified and can only be produced by EN1090 qualified welders, making the LMP Pro-plate the safest on the market.